Committee on Curriculum, Admissions, Standings and Appeals (CCASA)

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Minutes, CCASA Terms of Reference and Appeal Procedure can be found here.

CCASA meets twice a month for an hour in the Teacher Education Office, Scarfe Building, unless otherwise noted. Materials for CCASA meetings should be sent by email to and copied to at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. To schedule a meeting for submission of curriculum to CCASA, please contact the Chair, Andrea Webb.

If you’d like the item to appear in the late Feb/March Calendar release, the item should be coming to CCASA no later than late October. Similarly, for late May/early June release, the item should come to CCASA no later than the early March.

Curriculum Change Forms

    1. Change to Course or Program (2-column) Form

Most of the instructions you will need to fill out a Change to Course or Program (2-column) form appear on the form itself. Examples of how to properly format a Calendar change using this form can be found in our Examples of UBC Curriculum Proposal Form. A single form is used for all types of curriculum changes.

    1. Consultation Request Form

This form is for consulting colleagues, departments and/or Faculties who may be affected by, or interested in, the proposed curriculum changes.

    1. Library Consultation Form

This form is used to indicate the adequacy of Library needs. The Library Consultants list is maintained on the UBC Library website. The approval of the University Librarian must be indicated on the Budgetary Impact of Curriculum Proposals form if the course cannot be supported with existing Library resources.

    1. Budgetary Impact of Curriculum Change Form

The adequacy of the available resources to permit the proposal to be implemented must be indicated on the Budgetary Impact of Curriculum Change form. All Budgetary Impact of Curriculum Change forms must be signed by the Department Head (or equivalent) and the Dean of the proposing unit.


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